Wolf Alice star in new film by The Trip director Michael Winterbottom

24 Hour Party People director followed the band on tour for 'On The Road'

Film director Michael Winterbottom has made Wolf Alice the subject of his new movie.

On The Road followed the band on tour and is described as a “refreshingly unusual” tour film.

Winterbottom’s previous films include 24 Hour Party People about Factory Records boss Tony Wilson, and he also directs Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s mock travelogue series The Trip.


The film premieres at London Film Festival at BFI South Bank on October 9. Tickets go on sale on September 15 at 10am from the BFI website.

The description for On The Road says: “Michael Winterbottom joined the band on the road, capturing 16 different gigs and daily life backstage. Winterbottom’s resulting tour film – which records the tour from the point of view of a new member of their crew – is a refreshingly unusual one with unexpected twists; it reveals the relentless, sometimes unglamorous graft of playing live, night after night. But the film also mesmerises, offering a structure that reveals more, at every stop on the road.”

Wolf Alice recently released a box-set version of their debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’ which added a total of 18 songs to the original version. They are currently due to finish touring the album with shows at OnRoundhay Park festival on September 17 and By The Sea festival on October 1.