Wolf Alice on their festival headline dreams and 2017 tour plans

The future looks bright for Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice have opened up about the festivals they’d love to headline in the future, as they hope to returning to touring in 2017.

The band, who have just completed touring for their acclaimed breakthrough debut ‘My Love Is Cool’ with their first festival headline set at By The Sea, are currently off the road to work on their hotly anticipated second album.

When asked if the show gave them a taste for headlining more festivals in the future, drummer Joel Amey told NME: “Yeah, I personally would love to headline a festival like Latitude. We had a really good time there last year and I’ve always thought they’re a really good festival for bands to make that transitionary step. I’ve seen it happen before and it’s a great festival.”


He continued: “Reading especially means a lot to me. I grew up going to that festival and we had some incredible moments from Glastonbury. I think you’ve probably played it too many times in a row now that we’re probably not going to get asked back next year, which is a shame because then there’s a year off but we’ve had the most incredible memories at that festival and we played some amazing festivals around the world.

“If it’s right, if we think we can do it justice and that’s certainly something Wolf Alice wouldn’t want to shy away from, then it could be quite a thrill – but only if we’re up to standard, you know.”

Wolf Alice

Asked if they had plans to tour again in 2017, Amey replied: “I hope so I hope so, definitely. It would be a shame not to be because there’s a few ideas for next year so if everything goes to plan I think we’d love to be back on the road. we’ve had such an amazing time this year the last couple of years, it’s really blown us away as to where it’s got us – so hopefully we can just keep going and the rug won’t be pulled from under our feet just yet.”

Meanwhile, Wolf Alice are the first band to be picked for the upcoming ‘Trainspotting 2’ trailer, after their song ‘Silk’ featured on the long-awaited trailer for ‘T2’. Speaking exclusively to NME, Amey picked what other bands he’d like to feature on the soundtrack.

The band also updated NME on the sound and progress of their new album.


“We kind of try and sit in our little corner and just stay the weirdos,” Amey told NME. “That’s what I always think; stay a little bit outside of those tags and boxes of what people expect, otherwise it’s very easy to predict what the band are going to do next and it’s not always the most engaging thing for a music listener. So hopefully we’ve got a few more surprises up our sleeves before people can force tags upon us.”