Wolf Alice give update on new album: ‘We’ve got surprises up our sleeves’

Wolf Alice have given an update on progress on their next album, revealing that they’re hard at work writing new material and hopefully ‘have a few more surprises up their sleeves’.

Last week, the band were surprised to hear their track ‘Silk’ featured on the trailer for ‘T2’ – making them the first taster of the upcoming soundtrack for ‘Trainspotting 2’.

The band performed their final show of the campaign for ‘My Love Is Cool’ with their first festival headline show at By The Sea last month, and are now together to jam through ideas for their hotly anticipated second album.


“We kind of try and sit in our little corner and just stay the weirdos,” drummer Joel Amey told NME. “That’s what I always think; stay a little bit outside of those tags and boxes of what people expect, otherwise it’s very easy to predict what the band are going to do next and it’s not always the most engaging thing for a music listener. So hopefully we’ve got a few more surprises up our sleeves before people can force tags upon us.”

Wolf Alice

Speaking of how far along they are in the process of writing the new record, Amey said: “We are very much in the middle of writing some new music, so that’s our main prerogative at the moment – just writing, writing, writing writing and then seeing what comes out the other end.

“We’re still buzzing to be in the room together and it’s been quite an intense couple of years in terms of the touring, but it’s been such a thrill that we have things that we want to play and want to write. We don’t really want to go away and fade away for a little while because it’s become too much fun, and it’s too much fun playing music with the other three for me – so we’re going to try and get back on it hopefully as soon as possible.”

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He continued: “Things are living in their own little space at the moment, different songs are in different places but it’s still too early to say because I have a terrible tendency of saying things in interviews that I later regret for the next two years – but it’s back to that initial excitement of when we were just the four of us in that quite cold, dark, windowless room. With things turned up way too loud and you leave rehearsals with your ears ringing and it’s fun. It’s back to that excitement stage, so it’s nice to get back to it and not have to then jump on a plane the next day or something like that and be focused purely on this next set of work.”


Speaking to NME about their next record earlier this summer,  guitarist Joff Oddie said: “We’ve made a positive start, but the new songs are at too formative a stage to have figured out any themes yet. It’s Wolf Alice, so it’s always going to be confused – stylistically, we’re typically all over the place.

“We haven’t got a big mantra of where we want to take our sound, because we always let the explorative nature of being in the studio shape where the songs take us. But we want to be able to enjoy playing the new songs live, which lends itself to faster-paced songs. But that’s yet to be proven.”


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