Is Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell making an appearance on the next Slaves record?

Exciting stuff...

Slaves have opened up on their next album, and it seems that Wolf Alice‘s Ellie Rowsell could be lending her vocals to the record.

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The ‘Cheer Up London’ punks recently finished the recording of their third album, and spoke to NME about its creation for this week’s Big Read.


But as Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman sat down with NME in Belgium, they dropped a subtle hint that Wolf Alice’s Ellie could be making an appearance.

“May-beeee,” the pair both replied when asked if the guest vocalists were well-known artists.
“We want to keep it secret, put it out there and if people notice, they notice it more. It might be a bit like when Elastica had Damon Albarn on their record.”

And with Isaac currently in a relationship with Rowsell, we can only hope that they’ll be teaming up on the record.
The punk duo also confirmed that they won’t be offering a state-of-the-nation type addressal of Brexit on the record.
“I’d like to make a record that feels relevant forever and Brexit is just a really shit blip in history,” said Laurie Vincent.

“We’ll get through it somehow. I’m not trying to underplay how badly we felt about it – and recording here makes us more upset. But we don’t want to direct our rage at specific people. We don’t want to give any more glory to them, we don’t want to have to mention these people and cement them in history for being idiots.”