Asked what they’d spend the £25,000 prize money on if they were to win the Mercury, singer Ellie Rowsell replied: “I don’t know, it’s a lot of money so I’d have to think about that quite carefully. We could use some kind of space. I’d love to have our own studio where we could just write music wherever we wanted. That’s the difficult thing about London.”

Ellis continued: “We’re all getting really excited about the idea of making new music at the moment. We’re actually looking for somewhere to start writing in London. We’ve got a long way off; we’ve got festival season and then we’re going to Australia, we’re going to New Zealand, but we’re excited about making new music – which is always a good sign for us.”

So will they be following the reggae route as they teased earlier this year?

“Reggae’s great. I love reggae. There’s nothing wrong with reggae,” replied Rowsell. “I don’t think we can tell. You don’t know which way you’re gonna be pulled.”