Wolf Alice open up about why they’re supporting an Israel boycott

"It was just a big kick up the arse to say, look, we do support this”

Wolf Alice have opened up on why they’re backing a cultural boycott against Israel.

The ‘Visions Of A Life’ band have joined the likes of Brian Eno and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters in backing calls for a boycott of Eurovision 2019 hosted by Israel, as well as leading the charge with the likes of Portishead and Shame as part of the #ArtistsForPalestine movement.

Speaking to The Independent, guitarist Joff Oddie described that their opposition was strengthened after “Israelis started shooting and killing people in their tens and hundreds…”


“We agreed years ago that we wouldn’t go there, but this was about agreeing that we would make it public”, he said. “It’s been the worst period of violence since the bombings in Gaza in 2014, so [for us] it was just a big kick up the arse to say, look, we do support this.”

Singer Ellie Rowsell added: “If you say you’re not gonna go to Israel, then lots of people ask you why you’re going to other countries where you don’t believe in their government’s actions.

“People ask, ‘Why do you go to America? Does that mean you support Trump?’ And I can see why [they] think that’s hypocritical, but you won’t do anything if you think like that. Everywhere’s fucked, and in terms of the cultural boycott of Israel, that’s what the Palestinian people have asked for.”

Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell

Speaking to NME earlier this year, the group confirmed that they’ll head off to record their third album next year.


“We’re all getting really excited about the idea of making new music at the moment”, Ellis said.

“We’re actually looking for somewhere to start writing in London. We’ve got a long way off; we’ve got festival season and then we’re going to Australia, we’re going to New Zealand, but we’re excited about making new music – which is always a good sign for us.”

They’re also heading off on a mini-tour this December, playing shows in London and Manchester. You can buy them here.

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