Wolf Alice are sending mysterious postcards to fans

The band continue to tease their return with cryptic messages

Wolf Alice are continuing to tease their return by sending mysterious postcards to their fans.

The band have recently spent time in Los Angeles recording the follow album to 2015 debut album ‘My Love Is Cool‘. The record reached Number Two in the Official UK Albums Chart and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and the Grammys.

Fans have been posting images on Twitter of the postcards, which have been sent from fictional places such as “St. Purple & Green” and “After The Zero Hour”. As DIY reports, each card has a cryptic message on the back, which read like song lyrics.

One Twitter user posted a photo of a postcard that reads: “A transcendent invitation to the zero hour”. Another has the inscription “Who hurt you sadboy?”

See images of the postcards below.

Wolf Alice recently teased their return earlier this month by posting a cryptic image to Twitter and writing: “COMING SOON SIGN UP BELOW X”. A photo of a hand reaching towards some trees accompanies the post. See it below.

Last year, drummer Joel Amey gave NME an update on the record, saying: “We are very much in the middle of writing some new music, so that’s our main prerogative at the moment – just writing, writing, writing writing and then seeing what comes out the other end.

“We’re still buzzing to be in the room together and it’s been quite an intense couple of years in terms of the touring, but it’s been such a thrill that we have things that we want to play and want to write. We don’t really want to go away and fade away for a little while because it’s become too much fun, and it’s too much fun playing music with the other three for me – so we’re going to try and get back on it hopefully as soon as possible.”

Speaking to NME about their next record earlier this summer,  guitarist Joff Oddie said: “We’ve made a positive start, but the new songs are at too formative a stage to have figured out any themes yet. It’s Wolf Alice, so it’s always going to be confused – stylistically, we’re typically all over the place.