Wolf Gang already working on second album

Max McElligott only released his debut album 'Suego Faults' this week

Wolf Gang aka Max McElligott has revealed that he is already at work on his second album despite the fact his debut ‘Suego Faults’ was only released at the beginning of the week (July 25).

The solo artist is apparently working on new tracks during his time off from festival shows over the summer. McElligott said:

At the moment we’re doing festivals on the weekends and I’m back to the guitar and piano, beginning work on album number two. I want to have another album out by this time next year.

McElligott also explained what ‘Suego Faults’ means:

It sounds like a place but it’s totally imaginary and came out of my subconscious. I had a dream I was trying to escape this place called Suego Faults. It was this utopia, a romantic, other-worldly, quite fantastical place.

The singer and multi-instrumentalist said that one track on the album, ‘The King And All His Men’ was based on another dream about a terrorist attack. You can watch the video to the track below.

Wolf Gang play Underage Festival, V Festival and Bestival.