Wolfmother reveal new album details to NME.COM

'We're almost there' says Andrew Stockdale

Wolfmother‘s Andrew Stockdale has revealed details of his band’s forthcoming album to NME.COM.

After parting ways with his original bandmates last year (citing “longstanding frictions” as the cause), Stockdale has recruited three new members who have been laying down tracks at Sound City Studios in Los Angeles.

“We’re almost there,” Stockdale told NME.COM. “I’ve done 18 songs. Hopefully it should be out in September.”

Stockdale said that he always intended to continue using the name of the band he co-founded, even after the split.

“Before the other guys left I’d written all these songs for Wolfmother,” Stockdale explained. “To put it out under another name seemed kind of ridiculous. I thought why not continue? I got some new people in the band. I had the songs and whoever was around was in the band. Sounds a bit dangerous!”

Now, Stockdale and his new bandmates have nearly completed the follow-up to Wolfmother‘s 2006 self-titled debut, which he says will be called ‘Cosmic Egg’.

“I did a yoga class and one of the poses we were doing was called ‘cosmic egg’, and I thought yeah, that’s it. It’s like the fetal pose,” he said.

Album song titles include ‘White Feather’, ‘Violence In The Sun’ and the album’s title track.

When comparing the new album to Wolfmother‘s previous material, Stockdale said, “Everything is magnified. The heaviness is magnified to heavier state. The simple ones are really simplistic, two-minute songs, and the journey songs are like 12 parts.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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