Friday Fun – bands as literary figures

Celebrate Burns night and kill some time until the weekend

It’s Friday, it’s nearly the weekend and two days of freedom seem tantalisingly close, so we’re wasting time in the office composing our own special tribute to Scots poet Rabbie Burns who day it is today (January 25).

With the whole of Scotland set to pay mark the great poet tonight we’ve been shoe-horning literary figures into band names.

JK Rolling Stones, Virginia Wolfmother, Chuck Palahnickback, Brett Easton Elvis, TS Elliot Smith – that’s the kind of stuff we’ve been coming up with so far, and we want to see if you can do better.

Head to the NME Office Blog now to see what NME bands as literary figures everyone’s been coming up with, and have a go yourself.

Sounds stupid, but trust us, you’ll soon be addicted…