Wolfmother hint at heavier direction

The Aussies 'feel good about the second record'

Wolfmother have shed light on the writing of their second album.

The Australian rockers are anxious to make the record heavier than their debut, 2005’s ‘Wolfmother’.

Speaking to NME.COM, singer and guitarist Andrew Stockdale said: “Songs like ‘Joker & The Thief’ and ‘Woman’ were just relentless and totally in your face. I feel like there’s an element of that in the new songs.

“A lot of bands that I’ve heard, after the first record they kind of soften up, but I definitely don’t want to get softer on the second record. I want it to be to the point.”

The band refused to speculate on when recording would take place or when the album would be released.

Stockdale said: “It’s not really clear what’s going on or when we’re gonna record or when it’s gonna come out. All I can say is that the ideas we‘ve played around with in the studio I’m very happy with. I feel good about the second record.”