Woman allegedly hit by XXXTentacion says she was ‘terrified for her life’

Old footage recently resurfaced of the rapper appearing to hit a woman on the side of her head

The woman allegedly hit by XXXTentacion in recently resurfaced footage has released a statement saying she was “terrified for my life”.

Old footage that began recirculating recently showed the Florida rapper dancing behind the woman, who was filming herself, before he appeared to hit her hard on the side of her head. The rapper’s attorney, Jaclyn Broudy, has since claimed he and the woman pictured were friends and that the musician was “obviously acting in jest”, adding that the footage is dated and he is now “a changed person”.

A woman claiming to be the person in the video with XXXTentacion (real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy) has now posted to Instagram about the incident. “For those who are questioning why I didn’t come forth earlier was because I was terrified for my life..imagine someone doing that to u unprovoked.?, the user @lilbcupp wrote. “At 16?let alone the people he associates himself w/? truth of the matter is I would still be holding on to this secret if it wasn’t leaked.”


She also re-shared the video with the caption: “‘tHeY wErE jUsT pLaYiNg'” and an ear emoji.

The rapper’s legal team repeated to Pitchfork that the video was “obviously posted in jest”. They added: “We have been advised that it was posted by this “terrified” woman several years ago, not just recently. The difference is that Jahseh is now a famous performer and songwriter. Draw your own conclusions.”

@lilbcupp’s Instagram Story also featured a post that read, “So stop w/the ‘clout chasing’ bullshit, I wasn’t the one to originally leak the video”, as well as a screenshot of a text message thread. In it, an unidentified person asked, “bre why u doing that” and said, “dont destroy da man smh”. The woman responded: “Remember when Jit had me walking around looking like 21 Savage w/ scars on my face? That’s why.”

Prosecutors are said to be reviewing domestic violence charges against XXXTentacion since the footage resurfaced. Last year, the rapper was released from prison and put on “very strict house arrest conditions”, after a document from an ex-girlfriend was filed claiming that she no longer wants XXXTentacion to be prosecuted for domestic abuse against her. However, last week his house arrest was lifted.