Woman ordered to pay Katy Perry £1.2 million for interfering with convent sale

The pop star needs the Vatican's approval before she can purchase the property

A businesswoman has been ordered to pay Katy Perry $1.57 million (£1.18m) after a jury decided she intentionally interfered with the sale of a former Los Angeles convent.

The pop star is currently in the process of trying to purchase the property in LA’s Los Feliz neighbourhood for $14.5m (£10.9m). The archdiocese must gain permission from the Vatican before the sale can be completed.

As Stereogum reports, entrepreneur Dana Hollister attempted to purchase the convent from two nuns who had lived there. She was unsuccessful in her bid as a Los Angeles Superior Court judge made that sale void earlier this year, saying only the archdiocese had the right to sell the property.

A jury has now found that Hollister’s actions caused Perry and the archdiocese to have to pay unreasonable legal fees and other costs. Hollister has been told she must cover these costs, with $3.47m (£2.62m) owed to the archdiocese and $1.57m owed to Perry.

Hollister’s lawyer Michael Geibelson told the court his client thought she had a correct and legal contract, and had not intended to cause either party harm. “I don’t think Dana Hollister did anything wrong as to either of these parties,” he said.

The trial will move to a second phase in December, when it will be decided if the businesswoman should pay punitive damages as well.

If Perry is successful in buying the former Roman Catholic convent, she plans to turn the property into her new home. The nuns who formerly resided there, however, have publicly disapproved of the singer being its potential new owner, with one accusing her of witchcraft.