Wonder Girls look back on their 2012 film: “It was really hard to keep a straight face”

"It was hard enough to act in Korean, but to act in English was even more challenging"

Former Wonder Girls members Yubin and Lim have reflected on their 2012 made-for-tv film The Wonder Girls.

In a new interview with BillboardYubin and Lim reminisce their experiences while shooting the film, which premiered on TeenNick in February 2012. The movie starred members Hye-rim, Yubin, Yeeun, Sunye and Sohee during their US expansion in the early 2010s

“We took acting classes as a group and worked on our English pronunciation and language skills,” Woo Hye-rim, who is a fluent English speaker. “Thankfully, our characters were based on our real-life personalities, so it wasn’t that hard to get into the character.”


However, bandmate Yubin admitted that language was the biggest obstacle she had to overcome during filming at the time. “It was hard enough to act in Korean, but to act in English was even more challenging,” Yubin told Billboard.

“There was a scene where we had to argue, and that was the most challenging for us. Just imagine having a serious argument with broken English,” she added. “That was hilarious. It was really hard to keep a straight face.”

Even so, The Wonder Girls co-star Wes Aderhold, who was cast as the character DJ Skillz, praised the group’s ability to hold their own despite the challenges. “Actually, what I remember was during dress rehearsals, the girls already knowing everything by heart,” he recalled. “They came prepared and were ready to take the challenge.”

Wonder Girls were notably the first-ever K-pop act to chart on the Billboard 100 with the English version of their hit single ‘Nobody’. The song debuted at Number 76 for in October 2009 and is regarded as a breakthrough moment for the K-pop industry in the West.

In recent Wonder Girls news, fellow former bandmates Sunmi and Sunye reunited on stage last month for a live performance of the former’s 2017 hit single ‘Gashina’ on an episode of tvN’s reality TV series Mom Is An Idol.

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