Woodstock 50’s latest appeal for new venue rejected, organisers say they will reapply

A production partner has also pulled out, saying “there is simply no time left” to put the festival together

Woodstock 50 organisers plan to reapply for permits though its latest appeal to hold the festival in the town of Vernon, New York was rejected last night. A production partner has also dropped out.

The Town of Vernon Planning Board rejected the festival organiser’s latest appeal on Tuesday night (July 16). They had already rejected written applications from the organisers twice in the past week, reports the Poughkeepsie Journal.

The news of the latest rejected appeal comes with another blow: Virgin Produced, a production partner that had been advising the Woodstock 50 team, has pulled out.


“Given that the attempt to secure permits with the Town of Vernon, NY and related state agencies has been finally denied, Virgin Produced has concluded its advisory mandate and terminated its services agreement,” a statement the company issued to Pollstar read.“Virgin Produced, and its CEO Jason Felts, wish Woodstock all the best in its future endeavors.”

It is clear that time is running out for Woodstock 50, which was originally slated to take place from August 16 to 18, said Virgin Produced CEO Jason Felts.

“Despite our formidable effort to assist Michael Lang and the Woodstock 50 ownership in resurrecting their NY festival, it has become apparent that time has expired,” Felts said in the statement.

“It is imperative to us to produce an event at the highest level; in which all artists and consumers deserve. Without a venue and related permits secured, there is simply no time left to do so.”

Michael Lang, co-creator of the original Woodstock festival and the lead organiser of its 50th anniversary commemoration, had previously said that though he remained optimistic, was ready for the possibility it would not take place this year.


“If it doesn’t work this year, it doesn’t work this year. We’ve tried everything we can. We’ve done our best. We’ll continue to do our best until we find out one way or the other whether it’s going to happen,” he told the Journal.

But Woodstock 50 organisers apparently plan to reapply for permits Wednesday morning, according to Ben Dennis, a reporter from radio station WFXV who was present at the meeting where Vernon voted against the appeal.