South London’s WOOZE talk new single ‘Ladies Who Lunch With Me’ and appearing on ‘Made In Chelsea’

"Our music is a heavy mix of celebrating all the sounds that influence us"

South London newcomers WOOZE have discussed their new single ‘Ladies Who Lunch With Me’, and how they’re hoping that an appearance on Made In Chelsea will give them a major boost.

The duo, consisting of Theo Spark and Jamie She, began recording music as they lived together at Brixton’s Muddy Yard collective in 2017.

“We were living there, so we became the de-facto house band and while we did that we made our early material. That was only last September”, the duo told NME.


Only a year on, the group have released a handful of singles and will perform on the season finale of E4’s Made In Chelsea tonight. Despite honing their reputation at intimate venues like Brixton’s The Windmill, the TV appearance saw them performing on the banks of the Thames at 8AM.

“It’s the new rock’o clock! Once you’ve got there and you’re having fake beers and watery gin and tonics, it feels like a placebo”, they explained.

“There’s load of extras too who were dancing and enjoying themselves. It was hilarious, but it helped.”

As for their own sound, ‘Ladies Who Lunch With Me’ sees the band taking their sound in an increasingly psychedelic direction.

“We listen to a whole bunch of stuff”, the band explained of their sound. “The big five are Primus, The Kinks, Queen, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Our music is a heavy mix of celebrating all the sounds that influence us.”


But are they worried that a performance on Made In Chelsea could have an adverse effect from the show’s detractors?

“We haven’t received any backlash yet, but it’s always good to try something once”, they explained.

“There’s also an element of standing out a lot less these days, because no one gets paid!”

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