Wretch 32: ‘I’m excited about The Stone Roses coming back’

Rapper also tells NME he's a fan of Coldplay and The Verve

Wretch 32 has revealed that he can’t wait to see The Stone Roses reunite this summer.

Speaking to NME about which indie bands had influenced him, the rapper heaped praise on the reunited Manchester band, saying of their reunion: “I’m excited about them coming back, and it’s definitely a massive look for music, it shows there’s something there for artists that create a legacy.”

The rapper also spoke about his love for Coldplay and reiterated his hope that he would one day get to collaborate with Chris Martin and co.

He said of this: “I’d definitely like to work with Coldplay. I met Chris Martin at the Q Awards and he was mentioning that my album was one of his favourites. That really touched me. Live, we’ve been using a bit of their track ‘Yellow’, because there’s a song I do [‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’] where the emotions match, it creates the same vibe.”

Wretch also spoke highly of The Verve and Richard Ashcroft and said that though he didn’t listen to much indie rock growing up, he saw Ashcroft performing on TV and instantly took to him.

He said of this: “Growing up I listened to hip-hop, soul and reggae, but watching the TV you’d get introduced to different acts. I remember seeing the video [to ‘Bittersweet Symphony’] and thinking, this guy does not give an S-H-I-T. He looks cool, he’s just doing his thing. You just take to people like that.”

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