Wretch 32 loses lyrics after dropping phone in the bath

'Traktor' rapper had written hundreds of rhymes before watery accident

Wretch 32 has says he was “devastated” after losing all the new lyrics he’d been writing for his next album.

The Tottenham-born ‘Traktor’ star had all of his new rhymes stored on his phone, but lost them after dropping the handset in the bath.

He told the Daily Star: “I can’t find them in my head again, I’ve been trying and trying. I nearly had a breakdown, man, I was devastated.


“That’s the beauty of technology,” he added, talking to NME. “I can write wherever I am and there was all sorts on that phone. I know now to back up my phone regularly.”

Wretch 32 released his second album ‘Black And White’ on August 22. It went to No 4 on the albums chart, while most-recent single ‘Don’t Go’ reached No 1. The rapper, who tours the UK throughout October, says he plans to do some recording in December and will have a third record out next year.