Wu Lyf: ‘We’re working on a bunch of new songs at the moment’

Singer Ellery Roberts promises a 'specific direction' for Manchester band

Wu Lyf have revealed that they are currently working on a “bunch of new songs” for their second album.

The secretive Manchester band released their debut LP ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’ in June of this year, but in an interview with Stereogum, frontman Ellery Roberts said that they had already begun discussing what direction they would be taking with the new material.

He said:

We have a bunch of new songs and a specific direction where we’re taking it. I guess we’ve maybe thought about it and talked about it more than we’ve actually spent time creating new stuff.


However, the singer did admit that they were currently “working through the new songs”, and went on to say that the band were eager to start playing fresh material.

Roberts admitted that some of the tracks from their debut had begun to “feel quite old” to him, adding: “Having toured with those songs for a while, you really want to progress, to grow as musicians and songwriters.

“It’s not so much about other people’s expectations, but about us really craving something new. We are eager for that,” he added.

To see a video of Wu Lyf playing their track ‘Lucifer Calling’ at France’s Midi festival, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click.