Wu Lyf play ‘last ever gig’ as their UK tour comes to a close

Singer Ellery Roberts says 'goodbye forever' - but band clarify comments to NME

Wu Lyf closed their UK tour in London last (March 22) – where singer Ellery Roberts once again teased that the show would be their last ever gig.

Following online reports that the frontman had proclaimed the band’s gig at Manchester HMV Ritz would be their swansong earlier in the tour, Roberts told the crowd at Heaven last night: “Goodbye forever”.

However, speaking backstage to NME, bassist Tom McClung clarified his bandmate’s comments, explaining:

When we talk about things, it’s always in a forever sense. If you’re our age, a year is a long time. You live a different life each year. We like to create a bit of drama, that’s what excites me to play every night. It’d be boring to just say ‘see ya next year’.


Although the gig is the band’s last scheduled UK date of 2012, they’re due to tour Europe and the US across the coming weeks, including a spot at Coachella next month.

The sell-out show at Heaven last night saw the band lean heavily on tracks from their 2011 debut ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’, along with a newer song, ‘Going To A Party (Going To Save That White Man’s Soul)’.

Underneath a cloud of dry ice, with their frames shadowed by the bright light emanating from the Wu Lyf cross behind them, the band opened with ‘LYF’, before playing set staples ‘Spitting Blood’ and ‘Concrete Gold’.

The band ended their set with an anarchic ‘We Bros’, with Roberts stage diving into the crowd and members of the band’s entourage, and support band Flamingods, clattering percussive instruments.

Wu Lyf played:

‘Cave Song’
‘Summas Bliss’
‘Such A Sad Puppy Dog’
‘Spitting Blood’
‘Up North Kids’ (Papa M Cover)
‘Concrete Gold’
’14 Crowns For Me And Your Friends’
‘Heavy Pop’
‘Going To A Party (Going To Save That White Man’s Soul)’
‘We Bros’



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