Wu-Tang Clan affiliate fails in lawsuit after falsely being named as rapper who cut off his own penis

It was actually rapper Christ Bearer, not Marques Andre Johnson

Marques Andre Johnson, a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, has failed in his lawsuit attempt against multiple news outlets including TMZ after he was mistakenly named as the rapper who cut off his own penis.

In 2014, Christ Bearer, another Wu-Tang affiliate and a member of the hip-hop group Northstar, made headlines after he cut off his penis before jumping from a second floor balcony. He later described himself as “proud” of the incident and explained that he was “high as a motherfucking kite” at the time.

Johnson, who performed with the Killa Beez, filed the lawsuit in March 2016 but it has now been dismissed due to Pennsylvania’s one-year statute-of-limitations. As well as TMZ, CBS Interactive, Viacom, IHeartMedia and other companies were named as co-defendants in the suit.


Watch an interview with Christ Bearer, the rapper who actually cut his penis off, below. In it, he reveals that his motives behind the incident was to give himself a vasectomy: “I thought ‘Fuck these bitches, they always on my dick. These groupie ass bitches. Then they had my babies and gone off and asking for child support and I don’t get to see them’.”

“Don’t believe everything you read, but I did cut my penis off. I fucked up in a lot of ways. But in the same year that I cut my penis off, I probably got more pussy than you.”

Despite his regret over his actions, Christ Bearer also claimed that he’s “proud” in a way. “I’m proud of what I did because in the annals of history, nobody’s ever done what I did… I may have made the biggest mistake in history, but I’m proud of that.”