Method Man denies ‘Divorce Court’ accusations that woman had sex with every member of Wu-Tang Clan

A man recently accused his ex of sleeping with the hip-hop group on reality TV show 'Divorce Court'

Wu Tang Clan rapper Method Man has denied that he and his band all had sex with the same woman, following accusations on a reality TV show.

Ex-boyfriend Nathan Sellers recently appeared with former flame, Lia Palmquist, on US show ‘Divorce Court’, which sees couples’ problems played out in a fake courtroom. In the episode, Sellers accused Palmquist of giving “Wu some Tang”, alluding to an incident when his ex was invited back to the hip-hop group’s hotel after one show.

Now, however, Method Man has denied the claims via Instagram. Responding to a post by the hip-hop group’s tour manager, Simon Green, Method Man wrote: “That shits fake I would’ve remembered her.. I would’ve spotted her and said which one of u bitches brought the chaperone… She’s clearly an old-er thot.”


He added: “And should know better with her old ass.”

Speaking to The Mirror, Green also reiterated Method Man’s comments. “The Wu-Tang Clan are polite and well mannered boys and sometimes girls mistake signals as friendliness. I have a general rule – no girls on the bus unless they want to talk about music, politics or chess,” he said.

He added: “What you have to understand is some girls are ‘thirsty’ and throw themselves at the guys. But the band are polite and well-mannered boys and sometimes girls mistake signals as friendliness. Method Man’s my boy. He’s got my back. He’s the leader of the band and one of the most creative people I’ve ever worked with.”

Appearing on the show, Palmquist defended herself and denied the accusations of Sellers, saying: “Basically what happened is I met Wu-Tang, I got on their tour bus, I went back to the hotel and I was just hanging out all night. And it was amazing, I mean, we were not doing anything but talking, politicking.” Watch the clip below.