'Wu-Tang Iron Flag' is set for its live debut in December...

WU-TANG CLAN are set to premiere material from their forthcoming album ‘WU-TANG IRON FLAG’ at a one-off Christmas show in NEW YORK.

The collective are confirmed to appear at the New York Hammerstein Ballroom on December 19. The date comes just over a year after a Wu show at the same venue left onlookers in shock and amazement when Clan member ODB, who was at the time wanted by police after fleeing rehab, appeared on stage and performed as the &quotsurprise guest”.

The show is intended to showcase new album ‘Wu-Tang Iron Flag’, which is released in the US on December 18. Speaking to www.sonicnet.com, Clan member Raekwon said that the events of September 11 effected the way the album took shape.

He commented: &quotThis is the first time we’ve came back with an album in one year’s time. We usually wait years to do it. Right now the world is in turmoil. Two big buildings dropped in New York – that shook America up. You see a lot of Americans coming together and standing together under one flag. And it’s like our flag is the W, and here we are standing together under one flag, too. To me that’s our longevity.”

Fellow member RZA revealed that the group have been cautious of lyrical themes in the aftermath of September 11. He said: &quotWe’re definitely being cautious of the world (events). Rae, he said some wild lines on one of his joints, and I was like, ‘Yo, son, you can’t say that.’ You gotta respect the world we in. We felt a lot of tragedy over (September 11). It was a real sad day and a real important day in history, so it’s like we definitely watch what we’re saying.”

‘Wu-Tang Iron Flag’ was recorded in New York.