Ten years on from '36 Chambers', a new collective album is on its way next year...

WU-TANG CLAN are planning on releasing a new album next year – marking the tenth anniversary of their debut ‘ENTER THE WU-TANG 36 CHAMBERS’.

Currently, members of the rap collective are working on solo projects. However, GZA said that a new album was still a possibility.

“We have our little beefs and our little discrepancies, but it never get to the point where it’s out of hand” he told MTV. “Every family argues and goes through things. We still here. Wu is still Wu.”

Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who is currently in prison on parole violation, could be involved in the project.

RZA commented: “He’s going through his hell right now. He’s gonna be the only man who went through hell and came back alive. He was supposed to be out, but he’s building, keeping his mind focused. They’re treating him a little different than the average prisoner.”