'I Can't Go To Sleep', a collaboration with soul legend Isaac Hayes, is released in April...

NME.COM has an exclusive clip from the new WU-TANG CLAN video, ‘I CAN’T GO TO SLEEP’ – a collaboration with soul legend ISAAC HAYES.

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The bizarre video features the nine-strong NYC rap crew at the ‘Wu Tang Orphanage Home’ in pyjamas dotted with the group’s famous ‘W’ symbol.

The group’s leader RZA and Ghostface Killah take it in turns to rap over Isaac Hayes’ classic ‘Walk On By’.

Later on in the video, Hayes makes a cameo appearance as a purple-cloaked figure carrying a lantern, as he attempts to help the Wu-Tang Clan “go to sleep”.

Taken from the Wu’s third album ‘The W’, ‘I Can’t Go To Sleep’ is released on April 9 through Loud Records.

The Clan have previously announced that they will release a fourth album this coming summer. New solo records from Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna will precede the new album.

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