RZA says there will be a Wu Tang Clan film

The rapper also reports the movie he's directing - Coco - isn't far off

RZA has said that a Wu Tang Clan biopic is on the cards, following the success of NWA-based biopic Straight Outta Compton, saying the band’s history “really an against the odds story.”

The rapper’s comments don’t seem to suggest that the movie is imminent, but confirm that discussions are underway, despite difficulties.

Talking to Billboard.com, RZA said “Yes [there will be a Wu Tang Clan movie], but it’s not easy. I’ve been having conversations with some people, so we’ll see if that’s something we can tie together.”


He continued “I think it would be a blessing for American culture. It is really an against the odds story. You’re talking about guys with felonies on their records, you know what I mean? Not that that’s something to brag about, but that’s something to understand: When I was growing up they said that a black man in America would be dead or in jail by 25, especially if he doesn’t have a high school diploma. But we didn’t become the statistic. I think it’s important to understand that there is a way out; determination and focus can beat the odds.”

RZA is one of the stars of new movie Mr Right, in which he plays a hitman, and is currently producing his own film entitled Coco, which will star Azealia Banks. He says Coco is in post-production and will be out later in 2016.


The rapper also paid tribute to the current spate of hip-hop culture-inspired content on TV and in movies, saying:

“Hip-hop has been a big part of our culture. You got to think about how far we are from the ’90s now, from the ’80s. Hip-hop has been a dominant force in music for over 20 years. And you have stories of pioneers that the public may not know.”

“It’s just like if you watch Cadillac Records. I wasn’t 100 percent knowledgeable about some of the early pioneers of rock’n’roll, and to find out what Etta James was like was amazing.”

“So I think there should be more, I think there will be more. Straight Outta Compton was a great film to prove the marketability of it, the value of it. It wasn’t just a film that was just for hip-hop, it also got an Oscar nomination, the box-office success was tremendous, and it actually made some noise internationally, where they thought hip-hop, or black films, weren’t able to do so. Hip-hop is prime now.”

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