It's reported that Lord Michael covered up his past in order to win confidence with the group...

One of the Wu Tang Clan‘s managers is a government informant who has covered up his past in order to win confidence with group, according to US reports.

New York’s Village Voice magazine says Lord Michael, (real name Michael Caruso), is a former dance promoter and drug dealer who turned informant in order to save himself from prosecution two years ago.

Caruso, said to be Clan member Cappadonna‘s personal manager, turned witness in 1998 when he and former associate Peter Gatien – owner of Manhattan’s Limelight club – were implicated in a drugs conspiracy trial. Caruso received leniency in sentencing from crimes including extortion and drug trafficking by providing evidence against Gatien. However, Gatien was later acquitted.


The magazine also alleges that Caruso remains a ‘snitch’ and is set to give evidence in the September trial of Chris Paciello, another former friend who is up on racketeering and related charges.

The Wu Tang-Clan, notorious for their street savvy and closed inner circle of friends, are said to have been completely duped by Caruso.

Village Voice claims that when Clan member GhostFace Killah was approached by his own representatives with documentary evidence of Caruso‘s past, he threatened to beat up the messenger, protesting: “How could you say that about Mike? Mike’s a good guy.”

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