Raekwon says new Wu-Tang Clan album is ‘not the same’ without ODB involvement

Rapper also suggests alternative name for long awaited album 'A Better Tomorrow'

Raekwon has offered an update into Wu Tang Clan‘s new album and has verified that he has re-joined the group.

As previously reported, Raekwon and RZA endured a very public fall-out over the future of the group and their forthcoming album ‘A Better Tomorrow.’ However, it was reported in May that the pair had patched up their differences.

Now, speaking to NME ahead of his solo live show at London’s Brooklyn Bowl tonight (July 25), the rapper states that although he is back on board with making ‘A Better Tomorrow’, he has reservations about making a Wu Tang Clan album without Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who died in 2004. He also said that he would prefer to call the album ‘Wu World Order.’

“Me and RZA we had to take care of some business and now we’re a little bit more comfortable than before, there’s a lot more clarity, there’s respect going on in terms of doing business with each other” said Raekwon.

“My issue has never been with playing, we’re brothers you know, we’re always going to fuss and fight. It’s 20 years later now, we have children, we have family, we have people who count on us to do things as business partners, and that’s all I wanted. All I wanted was to be comfortable. Now, everything is being taken care of in the greatest way. I’m confident, I’m happy and everybody is excited too.”

As for what the future holds, Raekwon continued: “Now it’s about getting back in the game and really making that album that everyone wants to hear from Wu Tang Clan. When you think of a band that’s been in the business for over 20 years, who have had a great relevance in the business, it’s only right that we give a solid album. At the end of the day, I want to be passionate, like when I was in ’93 when the first album came out. I want to be able to go into the next album with the same energy; RZA wants to call it ‘A Better Tomorrow’. If it were up to me I’d call it ‘Wu World Order’ because we have been through so much but that’s just my opinion. For me, it’s not really the same because we got a brother in heaven, who ain’t here to state his opinion, to get involved in the greatest way.”

Pressed on what it was that caused the initial breakdown in his relationship with RZA, Raekwon suggested that financial matters lay at the heart of their dispute. “We’re brothers. But because we’re brothers don’t mean that we can do anything to each other. It’s important that we all understand our value, our worth, understand the hard work that we’ve been putting in. I’ve got to make money, to feed my family. I got a five year old, a 11 year old and a 19 year old, so I got to make sure when I’m out here working, that they don’t feel like Daddy’s not doing what he’s supposed to do.”

He added that ‘A Better Tomorrow’ does not currently have a release date, and that that was a decision for RZA to make.

RZA is currently overseeing two albums from the group, ‘The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ and ‘A Better Tomorrow’, the former being limited to just one copy which will be exhibited and later sold to the highest bidder.