Wu-Tang Clan’s Cappadonna to release new album this summer

The album will be 'hook free'

Wu-Tang Clan‘s Cappadonna is set to release a new album this summer.

‘Hook Off’ has been produced by J Clyde and according to a press release is an album with “no hooks”. Cappadonna is currently in the studio with Wu-Tang Clan putting the finishing touches onto the collective’s forthcoming album ‘A Better Tomorrow’ and preparing to tour with the group.

It was recently revealed that RZA and Raekwon ended their feud to finish work on the record. The pair’s relationship had deteriorated throughout 2014 with Raekwon stating that he thought that Wu-Tang Clan would benefit from a change of direction, away from RZA’s guidance.

RZA responded, stating earlier this year that he was not speaking to his colleague believing they were on “different creative paths” to one another.

However, a post on the official Wu Tang Clan website stated that the pair had recently re-entered the studio together. The message, posted on May 12, read: “Raekwon and Rza truce : Raekwon scheduled to hit studio to complete verses for album : ‘A Better Tomorrow.’ Details coming!”.

RZA is currently overseeing two albums from the group, ‘The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ and ‘A Better Tomorrow’, the former being limited to just one copy which will be exhibited and later sold to the highest bidder. It was reported that Cher has recorded vocals for the record. RZA previously revealed that the group have already been offered $5million (£3,006,070) for ‘The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’.

The band plan to take the album on a “tour” of museums, galleries and festivals, where they will charge between $30-$50 (£18 to £30) to view and listen to the album. The listening sessions will take place behind heavy security and will use headphones provided by the venue, to prevent the album leaking.