Two Ol’ Dirty Bastard biopics in the works

Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA confirms he's involved in both projects

Wu Tang Clan leader RZA has confirmed he is working on two Ol’ Dirty Bastard biopics.

One of the films, Dirty White Boy, will focus on ODB’s manager during the rapper’s final two years while Dirt: One Word Could Change The World surrounds his rise to fame.

RZA got involved with both projects after being asked by his late cousin, and former bandmate, ODB’s mother to oversee some of the production on both biopics. He told “I’m involved with both, anything about his life, I want to help out with any capacity.”

While Dirty White Boy will tackle the latter years of ODB’s life, Dirt will be a more conventional biopic documenting the rapper’s life. “As far as ‘Dirt’, that actually starts back when we was young,” reflected RZA.

He continued: “Me and [ODB] ran through this city, man, cutting school, stealing pretzels from the hot dog stand, being vagabonds, sleeping on the trains, drinking ’40s on the back of the A Train, rapping, getting chased by the police. It’s a coming of age story that me and him and a few of our cousins went through. Then it goes on into finally becoming Wu-Tang, going through that hell. And then it takes on his side of it, not my side.”

Meanwhile, the rapper may contribute some beats for Dirty White Boy and could possibly star in the film, playing himself. “I saw some pages where I’m in it,” he said. “But you know how it is, movies gotta take a year to make it in a week.”

RZA is currently adding the finishing touches to his directorial debut The Man With The Iron Fists. The kung fu film, which has also been written by the rapper alongside Eli Roth, stars Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu.