RZA denies there’s civil war in Wu Tang Clan

Ghostface Killah's solo album has caused problems

Wu Tang Clan’s RZA has denied a rift within the band.

The band were planning to release their new album ’8 Diagrams’ by the end of the year, but have decided to push back the release because member Ghostface Killah wanted to release his ’Big Doe Rehab’ solo project.

RZA explained: “We didn’t have him move, we moved. Wu Tang Clan is a bunch of brothers working on one common cause… We planned to put that record out in September, then October, and it kept getting pushed because it’s just a lot of work.”


The rapper explained the situation to MTV News: “I wasn’t really conscious [Ghostface Killah] was dropping an album on December 4th, but yesterday we moved our [group] record from the 4th to the 11th. We gave that spot to Ghostface…because of how he felt.”


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