RZA is convinced, but other members have their doubts...

WU-TANG CLAN leader RZA has claimed the band will still release a new album this year, even though other band members have their doubts.

The group’s third album, ‘The W’ was released in the UK last year. At the time, the New York rap collective promised a rapid follow-up, unlike the three-year hiatus between ‘The W’ and its predocessor ‘Wu-Tang Forever’, released in 1997.

The new album, given a working title of ‘WW2’ was supposedly compiled from tracks recorded while the group worked on ‘The W’.

Speaking in a recent interview with, RZA said that a “raw… back-to-basics” album is due for release in December.

However, Clan member Method Man said that a release in December is unlikely.

He commented: “Right now we’re going through a little internal shit, bullshit … Right now we’re all working together to build a family structure back again. Fuck an album. Let’s be a family again.

“We gotta bring the friendship back, the unit back, before we can even attempt to go in the studio and make another album.”

A UK spokesperson for the band told NME.COM this afternoon (June 29) that there was currently no Wu release on their schedules, which are accurate to October.