Wu-Tang Clan’s new song ‘Lesson Learn’d’ namechecks Martin Shkreli

The 'Pharma Bro' bought the rap group's one-of-a-kind album for $2 million

Wu-Tang Clan have shared a new song and it namechecks Martin Shkreli.

The legendary rap group will release ‘The Saga Continues’ on October 13. It follows on from 2014’s ‘A Better Tomorrow’. Pre-order it now.

Executive produced by RZA with help from DJ Mathematics, the record has so far been preceded by lead single ‘People Say’.


This new track ‘Lesson Learn’d’ – featuring Inspectah Deck and Redman – makes reference to Shkreli, the controversial ‘Pharma Bro’ that purchased the one-of-a-kind (and possibly fake) Wu-Tang album for $2 million. He was recently found guilty of fraud and is currently in jail after having his bail revoked. Inspectah Deck raps on the track: “My price hikin’ like the pills Martin Shkreli sell.”

Listen below:

RZA recently said of the album: “For years, Math has had the idea of putting together a body of music using modern and legendary equipment such as ASR10 with vocal performances by Wu-Tang Clan members and other prominent MCs. With ‘The Saga Continues’ he’s created a masterpiece. We at 36 Chambers ALC are honored to work with Mathematics and Wu-Tang Clan to put out a great piece of art.”

The album’s tracklist is as follows:

1.’Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues Intro’ feat. RZA
2. ‘Lesson Learn’d’ feat Inspectah Deck and Redman
3. ‘Fast and Furious’ feat. Hue Hef and Raekwon
4. ‘Famous Fighters’ (skit)
5. ‘If Time Is Money’ (Fly Navigation) feat Method Man
6. ‘Frozen’ feat Method Man, Killa Priest and Chris Rivers
7. ‘Berto And The Fiend’ (skit) feat Ghostface Killah
8. ‘Pearl Harbor’ feat. Ghostface Killah, Sean Price, Method Man, RZA with John Ginty (On organ) and Gary Foote (on Bass)
9. ‘People Say’ Wu-Tang Clan feat Redman
10. ‘Family Skit’
11. ‘Why Why Why’ feat RZA and Swnkah
12. ‘G’d up’ feat Method Man and R-Mean
13. ‘If What You Say Is True’ Wu-Tang Clan feat Streetlife
14. ‘Saga Skit’ feat RZA
15. ‘Hood Go Bang!’ Feat Redman and Method Man
16. ‘Make Time’ feat Ghostface Killah, RZA, Cappadonna and Steven Latorre
17. ‘Message’
18. ‘The Saga Continues Outro’ feat RZA