Wyclef Jean employee freed by kidnappers

Bidthlerson Brutus is released after singer's plea

An employee of Wyclef Jean has been released by Haitian kidnappers, after a three day ordeal.

Journalist Bidthlerson Brutus, who worked at the singer’s Telemax Studios in Haiti, was reportedly kidnapped the same day Jean made an appearance in a Santa suit at the studios and donated gifts to 600 children.

During a live performance on the day of the kidnapping, Jean addressed the crowd, saying: “If there are kidnappers out there, listen to me. If we don’t stop kidnappings, the country can’t develop.”

Brutus was released following negotiations between the kidnappers and SOS Journalistes-Haiti.

One of the captors, calling himself ‘The Commandor’ said: “We freed the journalist after considering how much effort Wyclef is doing to help our sisters and brothers in the forgotten ghettos.”

–By our New York staff.

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