‘X Factor’ rapper Honey G has come out as gay

"I feel now is the right time to let everyone know that I'm gay."

Former X Factor contestant Honey G has come out as gay.

The Harrow-based rapper – real name Anna Gilford – finished fifth on the ITV singing contest last year, after becoming the show’s biggest talking point.

“I do worry about homophobia,” she told The Sun. “I feel now is the right time to let everyone know that I’m gay.”

Explaining why she chose not to speak about her sexuality sooner, she added: “Being new to the music industry, and being on The X Factor, I think I was just a bit shy and a bit guarded. I was a bit worried about what people would think as well. I was just a bit worried about people maybe being homophobic. I wasn’t ready to come out to the public at that point.”

She also said that her sexuality had only come up once during her time on the show, recalling: “At my very first audition, Simon asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said ‘no’ and that I was single. I wasn’t really ready at that point to announce my sexuality to the world.”

Though she is single at the moment, Honey G added that she is “definitely looking for that special someone”.

Honey G released her second single ‘Hit You With The Honey G’ in June. Her debut single ‘The Honey G Show’ was released in December and failed to crack the UK Top 100.

During her time on The X Factor, Honey G was forced to defend herself against accusations that she was “mocking black culture” with her performances. The Guardian‘s Lola Okolosie branded her act on the show “modern-day blackface”.