XXXTentacion causes controversy by ‘lynching’ white child in music video

See the footage below

Rapper XXXTentacion has caused controversy after appearing to ‘lynch’ a white child in his video for ‘Look At Me!’

In the video, XXXTentacion is seen talking to two children in a packed out theatre.

A Caucasian boy is then hung by XXXTentacion on a stage as an African-American boy looks on. Watch the video below, with the ‘lynching’ beginning around the 2:10 mark.


The casting director of the video LaShawnna Stanley told Fox News that they had to delay the release of the video as the mother of the ‘lynched’ child felt uncomfortable.

“I called a lot of parents,” she says of trying to find the actor. “It was a direct booking. No one was okay with their white child getting lynched. With all the racial tension in the world right out they were nervous.”

The mother of the son is very serious about acting,” she added. “She’s a stage mom. She has three sons and takes them to LA to audition. She understood the vision.”

The vision, according to Stanley, is that the “little white boy and black boy show innocence,” and that society has become desensitized seeing black men hung and shot, but the imagery of a white child being hung is shocking.

“XXX was very lovely to the kids and hugging,” she added.


XXXTentacion is currently being charged with a litany of crimes including the aggravated battery of a pregnant woman. The recently reported victim testimony reveals the full account of charges.