The rapper, a co-star in '8 Mile' calls the movie "miraculous"...

Xzibit, EMINEM‘s rap ally and movie co-star, is tipping MARSHALL MATHERS’ long anticipated ‘8 MILE’ film for Oscars.

The rapper, who co-stars in the feature, anticipates a smash. “I’ve seen it and it’s over the top. It’s going to win awards,” he said. “The film is miraculous. I play a bully. I poke a whole lunch-line. I’m a piece of shit too.”

Xzibit says he was cast because he’s part of the family of artists that includes Eminem and Dr Dre.


“I’m in ‘8 Mile’ because its family oriented. I was more than happy to do it because we’re all family. But if [‘8 Mile’ director] Curtis Hanson called me with a role and said it was to play a swashbuckler, I’d have to be kind of hesitant. That’s not my forte right now. Music is the thing.”

Xzibit added that while reluctant to continue as a celluloid star, he wouldn’t rule himself out of future roles completely.

“If there was something special to come up – if Spielberg or someone called me to come and do the next ‘Star Wars’, nigga I’m there. “

Xzibit will head to the UK in November for a series of headlining shows. He plays: Manchester Academy (November 6)

Glasgow Garage (8)

London Forum (9)


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