Y Not Festival cancellation causes chaos as attendees are “stranded” in car parks with no staff

Y Not Festival goers have slammed the festival for its poor organisation.

Earlier today Y Not Festival was cancelled due to ‘adverse weather conditions’. The Derbyshire festival was set to continue today but organizers have said “the risk was too severe.”

Attendees were told to pack up their belongings and leave the site ‘calmly’, with the festival stating that there would be staff available to help with the process.

However, attendees began posting their frustrations on social media, stating that they’d been waiting in car park queues for almost 4 hours, with no staff around the help with the chaos.


One attendee shared a picture of a car park, writing “@Y_Not_Festival been in the same spot in car park 3 for 45 minutes now. What’s this?”

“@Y_Not_Festival you left people with no way to get out of the car park we had to push others out though over a foot of mud,” one user wrote. “Only help was from a few local farmers with tractors a disgrace.”

“been stuck in the car park @Y_Not_Festival for over three hours with no staff and this as our only signage,” another wrote, adding a picture of a broken sign.

“Why is there no stewards helping cars in the VIP car park?” one asked while another wrote, “spent more time getting out of the car park to leave than actually seeing acts”


The festival cancelled performances of headliners The Vaccines as well as Clean Bandit due to torrential rainfall on Friday (July 28).

Clean Bandit resorted to a short DJ set instead of a full performance while The Vaccines were totally unable to play and failed to turn up on-stage, much to the dismay of thousands of fans.

Another attendee posted “a bit of a rant” about the festival, saying stage times were pushed forward, headliners were cancelled, adding that there was poor map signage and no security.

Although angry, some attendees found some humour in the situation, sharing pics of Y Not Festival merch with the cancelled acts crossed out. Another shared a picture of McDonalds, writing “the only Two Doors I’m seeing today.”

Attendees are calling for refunds and the festival said they will be ‘providing information about this in the coming days.’