Yaeji shares lead single ‘For Granted’ from debut album ‘With a Hammer’

The singer, producer and DJ's debut album arrives in April

Yaeji has detailed her forthcoming debut album ‘With a Hammer’ along with sharing its lead single, ‘For Granted’.

According to a press release, the 13-track ‘With a Hammer’ was “dreamt up across New York, London and Seoul”, and sees the singer, producer and DJ “contending with a lifetime’s worth of both societal and self-imposed repression”.

Guests on the album – which is set to be released on April 7 via XL Recordings – include British artist Loraine James, Baltimore singer Nourished By Time and New York producers K Wata and Enayet.


‘For Granted’, the first song to be released from ‘With a Hammer’, arrives alongside a video directed by and starring Yaeji herself. Watch that below:

Yaeji first revealed ‘With a Hammer’ in a letter sent to fans earlier this month alongside its Dasom Han-shot cover art. “Music is like alchemy, and us who interact with music are alchemists. We have the power to transmute feelings, experiences, and relationships,” she wrote at the time.

“I want to begin this album with intent. I want to take all that I’ve suppressed and let it breathe and live through this process of creation. I want my music to be free. So I started writing a story about me and my hammer. A hammer crafted from my anger.”

Yaeji released her self-titled debut EP in March 2017, with ‘EP2’ arriving in November of that year. Her first full-length mixtape, ‘What We Drew 우리가 그려왔던’, was released in 2020. In a four-star review, NME said the mixtape “sees Yaeji’s intricate electronic sound both expanded and elevated”, adding that it “confounds and evades pigeon-holing at every turn”.

Yaeji’s ‘With a Hammer’ tracklist is:


1. ‘Submerge FM’
2. ‘For Granted’
3. ‘Fever’
4. ‘Passed Me By’
5. ‘With a Hammer’
6. ‘I’ll Remember For You, I’ll Remember For Me’
7. ‘Done (Let’s Get It)’
8. ‘Ready or Not’ (ft. K-Wata)
9. ‘Michin’ (ft. Enayet)
10. ‘Away x 5’
11. ‘Happy’ (ft. Nourished by Time’
12. ‘1 Thing to Smash’ (ft. Loraine James)
13. ‘Be Alone in This’

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