Yaeji shares new track ‘When In Summer, I Forget About The Winter’

A bonus track from her recent mixtape

Yaeji has released ‘When In Summer, I Forget About The Winter’, a bonus track from her recent 2020 mixtape, ‘WHAT WE DREW 우리가 그려왔던’.

‘When In Summer, I Forget About The Winter’ originally featured on the CD formats of ‘WHAT WE DREW’, available exclusively in Korea and Japan.

Listen to the track below:


On Twitter, the producer said the track was written years before the mixtape came together.

“‘When In Summer, I Forget About The Winter’ is a track I wrote close to 3 years ago,” she said.

“I was a different person back then, but the song still resonates with me now.”

‘What We Drew’ arrived in April, and was given a four-star review by NME upon its release.

“It may feel a little bittersweet set to the current backdrop of global self-isolation but a record as richly textured as this, and with its focus on communal connection, makes it a ripe world to explore in trying times like these,” the review read.


In addition to the new track, Yaeji has launched an interactive, web-based game, Woofa Joofa Juice Club. Players can choose to play as one of four characters and roam around an 8-bit virtual world.

Back in August, Yaeji performed a live-streamed Boiler Room set, with all funds raised going toward The Bail Project in the US.