Ex-YG Entertainment CEO charged for allegedly covering up drug scandal

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office has also indicted former iKON member B.I

Yang Hyun-Suk, the former CEO of YG Entertainment, has been indicted for allegedly trying to cover up a drug scandal involving former iKON member B.I.

According to a report by Yonhap News Agency, Yang was indicted by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of purportedly having threatened and coerced an informant who had testified about B.I’s suspected drug purchase to the police in August 2016.

At the time, the informant had themselves been arrested for drug use before disclosing B.I’s supposed drug use to the police. The singer took his exit from iKON after the drug allegations against him surfaced in June 2019, although he eventually tested negative for it in February 2020.


In a separate report by Sports Chosun, as translated by Soompi, the unnamed informant also claimed that the original investigation on B.I’s alleged drug use was covered up due to Yang’s ties with the police.

Yang is also said to have allegedly conspired with a different entertainment agency in order to force the said informant overseas in 2016, according to Yonhap. However, investigations into this allegation are currently suspended as the head of the second agency has gone on the run abroad. The names of the agency and the executive were not revealed.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office has also indicted B.I – real name Kim Han-bin – on charges of allegedly purchasing marijuana and LSD from an acquaintance from April to May 2016. Yang’s first hearing is set to be held on June 25, while B.I’s will take place on July 9.

Since his departure from iKON and YG Entertainment, B.I has established his own company 131 Label, through which he released his debut solo album ‘Waterfall’. In a glowing four-star review, NME‘s Ruby C called the record a “raw, cathartic release [that] shows just how powerful it is to creatively channel the anguish from adversities”.