Yeah Yeah Yeahs tell of China’s ‘new rock scene’

New Yorkers discover band after playing Beijing festival

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have spoken of China’s new music scene.

The band, who headlined the country’s Modern Sky festival on October 4 in Beijing’s Haidian Park, spoke about the new music scene in China.

Writing on their Myspace, they explained: “We have brought back with us the sounds and smells of China’s burgeoning new rock scene – bands like Re-Tros and Queen Sea Big Shark, New Pants and P.K.14 (among many others!!) They fucked us up! Check them out, they are all on Myspace– so you can hear what we heard and maybe see what we saw.”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs also said they enjoyed themselves looking around the country after playing their first ever Chinese show.

They wrote: “Fresh off the plane and wishing we could take one more bite of the fire pig. YYY’s climbed the Great Wall of China, strolled the courtyards to the Forbidden Palace, drove past the Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium, ate Peking duck head and played to a very wet crowd of Beijing youths (rain came down by the bucket load).

“We’d like to put out an extra big thank you to all the lovely people at Modern Sky Festival who brought out and kept us well fed and happy for our brief stay!!”