Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘We scared each other’

The band reveal the tensions behind new LP

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are set to end a creative sabbatical of nearly three years with the release of their second album ‘Show Your Bones’.

The record, which is out on March 27, is the result of a long and sometimes difficult writing process according to the band.

“We were very keen to move away from the first album,” explained drummer Brian Chase of the record, which was written in Los Angeles during the first half of last year before recording sessions in Brooklyn during July and August last summer.


He added: “We definitely wanted to put some distance between us and the whole ‘Fever To Tell’ experience.”

Singer Karen O told NME.COM that despite the record’s new, bolder sound, crafting ‘Show Your Bones’ had been tough.

“It was definitely a difficult thing. With ‘Fever To Tell’ we were writing songs and then immediately playing in front of audiences and getting feedback and really developing them in front of other people,” she said. “This time it was like a pressure cooker, totally cut off from any sort of influence. It was very terrifying, but it was actually really rewarding because it was doing something different for us.

“We were trying to do something new and new is always scary. We just scared the shit out of each other, it was a dark and scary realm that we were going into – not that the music was dark and scary it was just totally different. It was a difficult act to pull off but we did, we got through it and we’re feeling pretty good about it now.”

The band who, are now set to play a series of club shows in America, before they curate UK festival All Tomorrow’s Parties in May, believe fans will be pleasantly surprised by the new record.

“It wasn’t until even a month or two after we finished recording that I understood what these songs were and where they came from. They were cutting edge and new, even for me as they were being recorded,” explained Chase. “There was a lot of thought, tension and emotion, but we’ve stretched our boundaries of what we were comfortable with and what we’ve done before.”