The band get ready to reinvent themselves for their second album…

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have revealed that they will completely reinvent themselves for the follow-up to their breakthrough 2002 debut album ‘FEVER TO TELL’.

The band are planning to scrap all of the new songs written since the release of the album and start afresh.

Fans can expect to hear their comeback record in autumn 2005, according to the New York three-piece.

During an exclusive visit to the band’s rehearsal studios, singer Karen O told NME.COM: “We’re not interested in making ‘Fever To Tell Part 2’. The pressure is to re-invent ourselves. We don’t know how we’re going to do it yet but I think it’s in our best interests to try and explore other directions.”

Guitarist Nick Zinner added: “It seems like a necessary step and the obvious thing to do is not repeat what you’ve played. I was disappointed by a lot of band’s second records recently over the past year or two because it sounded like B-sides from the first record.”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs treated fans to a glimpse of some of their new material during their UK shows last November, debuting the downbeat ‘On Board’ and the disco flavoured ‘Honey Bear’.

Zinner added: “We have a great new song we’re deciding what to do with. I mixed it in LA a few days ago with Alan Moulder, owner of the best ears in this universe. It sounds amazing and lush and heavy as fuck, and also is very indicative of our next step. We’ll definitely record those new songs we played [in London] as well as another one we rehearsed but didn’t play. I would say the other definite one we’ll record is ‘Cheated Hearts’.”

The band plan on going into the studio in March, spending time writing and working on mystery side projects until then.