Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album details revealed

Producer claims 'cat concept' behind album

Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album has a running concept about singer Karen O’s cat , it has been claimed.

Around 12-13 songs have been recorded for the album, due for release in March 2006, as well as additional material that may end up on an EP. Older songs ‘Down Boy’ and ‘10×10’ were amongst those recorded.

The album’s producer, Squeak E Clean, said: “Each track tells the story of the [cat’s life]. So it starts with Coco‘s birth, to when they found Coco, and continues.”


Discussing how the new album was different to the band’s 2003 full debut ‘Fever To Tell’, Clean said: “Those guys did a lot of growing both musically and personally. The album is much more spiritual and much more mature than their last album. It definitely rocks really hard — but there’s more songs, real, beautiful songs. Karen sings beautifully”

Clean also mentioned that he had been working on Karen O’s solo record.

“It’s nothing like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It sounds radically different from anything that’s out right now, period,” he said.

Although the first fruits of the collaboration ‘Hello Tomorrow’ was heard on a Adidas advert earlier this year, Clean told that the solo project would probably not be released until after Yeah Yeah Yeahs tour the new album.