Nothing there from the EP, and the next single won't be on there either...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ anticipated debut album will not feature any of the songs from the band’s first five-track EP, or the next single, ‘MACHINE’.

The New York group have been working on the album, currently untitled, which is due for release next year. Speaking recently to NME.COM, Brian Chase explained how the album is progressing.

“We’ve got ‘A Date With The Night’ and ‘Maps’, that’s gonna be a hit”, he said. “What else? ‘Tick’, which has been on the Peel Session and XFM, as will ‘Ten’ which has been on Lamacq Live.”


‘Machine’ will be released on the independent Wichita label on November 4. Despite rumours of a big money record deal, the band insist they have not signed to a major label.

Commenting on the band’s surprise decision to cancel their appearance at this year’s Carling Weekend, he told NME.COM: “It was imperative that we finish the album and get it out because five songs can only last you so long. This album is kinda overdue in a sense. And if it wasn’t gonna happen then it wasn’t gonna happen for a while because we’ve been on the tour since the beginning of September ands we’re going right through to the end of October.”

“It was incredibly difficult to make that decision (to pull out of the Carling Weekend). There was a lot of tension in the band at that moment. But with hindsight we made the right choice. We pretty much made the decision a week before we were meant to go out.”