Yeah Yeah Yeahs: ‘We made TV On The Radio do 200 takes for guest spot’

Karen O reveals she was a real taskmaster on exclusively 'It's Blitz!' track by track video

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have told NME.COM that they really got the most out of TV On The Radio‘s guest spot on their latest album – by making them do over 200 takes.

The trio’s record ‘It’s Blitz!’ was produced by Dave Sitek who appears on new song ‘Dragon Queen’ with bandmate Tunde Adibimpe, though Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O made sure they got their parts exactly right.

“We were looking to do a track which, personally, I felt would be on a more sexy side,” the singer explained. “David Sitek roped Tunde Adibimpe in from TV On The Radio to sing with us, and I think we must have done 200 versions of it, but in the end I think it has a little bit of a swagger, and a little bit of an intimacy that other tracks don’t necessarily have.”

She added: “I would say that with that track, what we really want from the listener is for them to feel like their strolling in the park, in the misty park, or something like that.”

For NME.COM‘s exclusive video track-by-track now, by clicking below: