Years & Years open up about mental health experiences during visit to Sport Relief project

The band spoke personally while visiting Raw Material Music centre in Brixton

Years and Years have opened up about their experiences with tackling mental health, during a visit to the Raw Material Music centre for youth in Brixton recently, it was revealed.

The London hailing band were visiting the Raw Material Music Centre in Brixton – which has been funded by Sport Relief – a centre that tackles young people’s mental health issues in the Lambeth area in South London.

The band were then asked a series of questions about their own struggles with Mental Health. Mental illness reportedly affects 1 in 5 people.


Front man Olly Alexander said: “Felt really low as a teenager and hearing music from artists that could express their pain in a way that is beautiful and made me feel better about the way I felt and I think that is something that anyone can relate to” he spoke at the centre, based in Brixton.

“I think the hardest thing can be coming to terms with it yourself and not feeling any shame about it as it is part of who you are and it can be a really positive thing if you use it in the right way”

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Speaking whether the band had ever experienced mental health problems, Emre Turkmen said:

“It is only normal that all of us have experienced it and for sure, I have. I used to travel a lot as a kid and when I first moved to England I felt lonely and my parents were splitting up at the time. I think the most difficult thing about it is that you feel you can’t talk about it and like you are the only one that feels that way but as soon as you talk to your friends and your family you realise that everyone goes through a tough time”.

It’s not the first time the band have approached the issue, with Alexander speaking on the subject in interview with Attitude magazine during December 2015. Having spoken out about his problems, Alexander says his “band’s fans have reacted positively and started sharing their own stories with him.”


“They write me letters a lot of the time and give them to me at shows, or they’ll tweet it at me or write on Instagram,” he said. “So many of them deal with mental issues, mental distress and it’s really so overwhelming… but it’s mostly positive.”

Watch Owen Jones’ full interview with Olly Alexander below.

Electronic-pop outfit Years & Years topped the UK charts with their debut album ‘Communion’ last July.

Years & Years have been nominated in 3 categories at the upcoming BRIT awards, running on February 24 at London’s O2 Arena.

The Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games are held on 18th-20th March, For more information and to get involved with Sport Relief, head to

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