Years & Years’ Olly Alexander says gay sex education should be taught in school

Frontman says his sex education was 'all about how not to have sex'

Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander has explained why he thinks gay sex education should be taught in school.

A UK parliamentary petition to introduce LGBT sex education as a compulsory part of the school curriculum amassed over 26,000 signatures earlier this year.

The Department of Education responded by saying, “Sex and relationship education should be relevant and sensitive to all young people, whatever their sexuality,” but the petition would have needed to amass at least 100,000 signatures to have been considered for debate in Parliament.

While being interviewed on BBC Three’s The Paris Lees Sex Show, journalist and activist Paris Lees asks the singer, “Do you think they should teach gay sex education in school?”

“Yeah,” Alexander replies. “Because my sex… because do you know what, my sex education, it was all about how not to have sex.”

“It’s all about how you should not get a girl pregnant, which fair enough, it’s like good advice,” Alexander continued. “Me and my friend used to draw diagrams and be like, ‘OK, if you’re a guy and you’re having sex with another guy, like, what happens…”

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Watch Paris Lees and Olly Alexander discussing gay sex education in school below.