Years & Years’ Olly Alexander says Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ was the first song he loved – watch

Singer also cites TLC, Destiny's Child, Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell as influences
Years & Years singer Olly Alexander has discussed his influences and favourite songs in a new interview with NME.

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In a ‘Soundtrack Of My Life’ video interview with NME, Alexander revealed that Oasis‘ 1995 hit ‘Wonderwall’ was the first song he fell in love with after being introduced to the Britpop band by his brother. “I remember loving that song so much,” the singer says in the clip (watch above).

“Stevie Wonder always made me want to be a singer,” he continued. “Then I fell in love with girl groups like TLC and Destiny’s Child. Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell were the lyrical geniuses that made me want to make music and write songs.”

Alexander went on to state that he wishes he had written ‘Black Magic’ by Little Mix and that Jeff Buckley’s ‘Morning Theft’ makes him cry.

NMENME/Dean Chalkley

“My mum told me she wanted ‘What A Wonderful World’ played at her funeral. That’s dark, mum,” Alexander joked when asked about what song he would like to be played at his funeral. He added: “For my funeral I would like ‘I Will Survive’ [by] Gloria Gaynor.”

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Years & Years play the final show of their UK tour tomorrow at London’s Wembley Arena.